AI code to use in Hopscotch


I asked @t1_hopscotch to close the previous topic I made about AI.
I’ll be uploading code pics and videos of AI behaviours that can be used for Hopscotch projects.
The pics and videos are from the website and app Tynker.
“Distance to” and “Point towards” can be done using Hopscotch. You can find out how by searching the forum.
@CreationsOfaNoob @MR.GAM3R @ThinBuffalo @Rawrbear

The pics and video below show an AI bot that always moves to the nearest pellet.
The pellet appears again at a random position after the bot gets close to it.


This is really cool, great job!


This is a quick project in Hopscotch I made using your code.


I’ll checkout your recreation when i get on my ipad.
it’s not playing on a pc.

@William04GamerA Thanks.


Right, I unpublished the project lol. Will still work on an iOS device though.


This is really cool, great job!