Ahhhh thanks guys!



Guys I'm on Featured! Yay! This is I think my fourth or Fifth Feature, and I'm sorry it's not Coding all you coding supporters, (I am on one of them) I was on this account coding this Hamilton thing, and I go to the main page and I see my art staring back at me! Thanks everyone!! Also, congrats to @DragonQueen3 your Earth Day game was featured too! Yay Earth Day Featured Buddies! :smiley: Thanks again everyone!
Tag List! (Ask if you want yourself added)


Here's the artwork


I just noticed that it was put on featured! Congrats @Grizzlyzoe! It's rare that an artists gets featured but if anyone deserves to be featured, it's you! (Well... I guess I'd like to be added to the tagged list too!)


Congrats my good fren :DDD


Thank you My Artistic Lurking Cat!


Np :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats friend! I am so happy for you!


Nice job grizz :DDD