Ahhh glitch! Too many likes?,



Um.. Is this a glitch?

It is really scaring me!! :frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning:


Don't worry, this is a glitch. If you reload Hopscotch it should go back to normal :slightly_smiling:


That's a glitch that isn't one of THT's priorities. If you spam-tap the like button on a project with no likes it does that.


I think there might be another topic on this try looking at that one first


If it is scaring you try to tag Liza like @ Liza (with no space) or email Hopscotch.


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How do you spam tap?


Tap it very quickly a bunch of times.


I tried that and I lost a like... :yum:


Yeah I tried ''spam tapping'' it gust said 2 instead of 0


Wait got it to lol!


Ok guys thx for tellin me! :slightly_smiling:


Don't worry! It disappears in a few hours or so. Sadly, restarting Hopscotch doesn't fix the problem. Only time will erase it (makes me sound like a wise old man :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) Also, remember to search before you post. :wink:


Ok mobcraft, will do :grinning: