@AHappyCoder and @hoppertoscotch collab



Ok @Hoppertoscotch ! This can be the collab page:


I have thought enough! @Hoppertoscotch .my idea was that you start out on a sinking ship and you swim to a small rocky island


Ok.... Then what? What choices do you need to make?


Maybe you could look for water or look for shelter


Hmmmm... I don't know about that idea, that's kind of like "stay where you are or look for shelter" because you're on an island!!! Something else, like, maybe you see your friend in the water who can't swim, you either go to save them "risking your own life in the prossess) or leave your friend.


Can i help out with ideas for the story? i wont code or anything, just give ideas on this forum topic. so i wont change anyones work.


That is good idea but I think alone would be better @Hoppertoscotch. And you are right now that I think about it "look for water" sounds pretty ridiculous :3


Sure! @Stradyvarious


What do you think of visiting a circus/carnival with friends at night and you take a scary ride in a boat through a haunted house attraction and when it goes pitch black before the ride ends a friend has dissappeared that was on the ride with you?


A ship wreck and then you get stranded on a island was what I was thinking. The circus idea is not really my taste!


thats fine with me, ship wreck it is.


@Stradyvarious @AHappyCoder just tell me when you got the desicions you need to make and I will wright a paragraph for each desicion AND one for the main story. Once I've got the paragraphs done, I will give you guys the link so you can add background pictures and the publish it with it completely done on your account!


I'll only help with ideas after reading the story you write. Just write one page at a time and place a link so i can read.


Yeah, but what are the decisions to make? @AHappyCoder, can it be you either look for your friends (risky) or leave your friends (a bit cruel) ? Because YOU make the storyline, I make the story!


I'm writing the main story like why the charecter is on the ship you know the story before the desicions.


You could have the friend disappear the night before as a large storm came and hit the ship and your friend falls overboard


I think that the ship should be on a voyage and that your were traveling alone


Well, @AHappyCoder and @Stradyvarious I just wrote the main story of what was in my head here. It's fine if you don't like this, but I just finished what I wanted and please tell me if you like it! It's kind of the opposite of what @AHappyCoder said, though.


I'm on pc at the moment so i can't comment. i can only look in around 7hrs from now. I'll reply then. Bye for now.


@Stradyvarious k. Bye.