@AHappyCoder 360 degree scrolling-collision idea for you


AN idea for you to make a 360 degree scrolling level and 360 collision detection

Place an invisible ball onscreen.
Create the "X" and "Y" values and forever set it's position to those values.
The rest of the sprites onscreen forever set their positions(+-) to the ball and not the "X""Y" values
Have left/right arrows change the angle of the ball.
when up arrow is pressed the ball moves in that angle and all other sprites will be sliding in that angle as they have set their positions to the ball and haven't changes their angles.
When a character bumps anything have the ball reverse backwards. All sprites set to it's position(+-) will scroll the balls direction as well.
This wouldn't require having to use lots of different value setting and checking.


Thanks a lot! My RPG failed to sync when I logged out and I have lost progress :frowning:


Oh. That's sad.
Oh well. You have some new ideas now maybe.