Agh i have been coding for one year now!


Oi, Weelp I started hs in october2016. Lost that acc, and restarted in feburay16 ONE YEAR NOW OHYEAH


Congratulations! :0000

My HS anniversary is in two months, but my forum anniversary... that's just too far away XD


Congratulations! :D


Congratulations! @shamrockcat
Happy early anniversary!




Congrats! Welcome to being on HS for a year! (That was not a good choice of title XD)


Congratulations! :slight_smile:


@Dude73 @Hero_Dino @KVJ @Maltese @GiraffeProductions thank you!!! 1year, what a milestone and maltese, happy early by 2 months anniversary!! My forum anniversary. One year away XD thankyou all for being some lf my biggest role models. Ever


Huge congrats @shamrockcat! :D


Yaaaaayyyy!!!!!! My three year thing is in June. Good job!!!!!!!!!


Tank you tank you tank you :smiley: :unicorn:


TANK YOU Tank you much tanks



I would have written Congrats​:tada:, but 20 characters!

And I'm over a week late!


Thankyou fren, and i like your profile picture


Thanks, I really like yours too!