Age? Other stuff like getting to know each other



So I was wondering about age like anyone older than 12 ?
Other poll:

  • Sixth grade
  • eighth grade
  • other grades (post in commets)(such as seventh)



I'm turning 13 in a few months, but how is this related to Hopscotch?


Maybe this could be used to see the age of most of the people who are on hopscotch. It could be interesting to see.
But... Some people might not want to post their age (it's personal info). I'm pretty sure polls are anonymous, so let's see:

How old are you?

  • Under 7 years
  • 7-8 years
  • 9-10 years
  • 11-12 years
  • 13-14 years
  • 15 years or older


This could also help us see the age range of people, and maybe help us tell what is inappropriate.


I am pretty sure that on the forum we are allowed to share our first name and age


Most people are 11-12 years old, including me... πŸ€”


I'm 15... It feels like I'm really old. :disappointed:
It's because in my country you start learning english from age 12, which is a little late. So only after a few years you can really communicate with other people. Still feels like I'm one of the oldest people on hopscotch. (Except for the hopscotch team of course:joy:)


I'm 12 1/2 right now, although this does seem a bit off topic.


Hi @Jootje! I think it is really cool to have people on Hopscotch of your age! Hopscotch is for everyone and anyone use to code and have fun. There are even parents on Hopscotch (I have seen a couple of projects shouting out about their kids/parents). I don't think age should get in the way of coding just like gender shouldn't.


I'm 9/10, and when I looked at the poll 26% voted for the same thing so now I'm not alone


Thanks @ILoveSmudgey you're really supportive! And are there really parents/adults on hopscotch? I didn't know that! Well it seems like you learn something everyday :smile:


Totes! Hopscotch is designed for anyoneβ€”old, young, grandmas, babies, puppies. Just kidding. Puppies can't use iPads.

@BuildASnowman: I think this topic is okay because learning about each other helps us build our community. One way to think about whether something is on topic is whether it strengthens the community. In this case, I think we're good :slightly_smiling:

How Old are You?

:stuck_out_tongue: I'm only 10 LOL 2020


Coding is something that can make a nine-year-old as wise as an adult, and it can make an adult as excited as a child. Just like @Liza said. Think about it, next time you watch the HT play your games on youtube. You know what I see? i see that we can all look forward to being kids, when we grow up!



The average I'm pretty sure is about 9-13.


Ugh, that feeling when I got on featured and it got replaced with @AHappyCoder makes me feel like I'm 5 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@rawrbear what project?


That was exactly 20!


@Jootje @liza my teacher is on hopscotch XD πŸ€“


When I got featured with Tunnels of Terror and it got replaced, you probably didn't see it because after an hour of featured, they switched it. :slightly_smiling:πŸ™ƒ:slightly_smiling:πŸ™ƒ


I saw it. But why did they replace it with a happy coder instead of you? They were both the same project..πŸ€”