Age limit on the forum? (solved)

this was brought up here but i don’t think it was resolved.
basically, in the privacy policy, it states:

thanks :sparkling_heart:
edit: silverdolphin solved this, thank you so much


This site has been made to be family friendly, and it is about Hopscotch which we all know is the coding app. Since there are rules in place and settings that have made this place safe for all ages, it’s okay for them to be on here!

I do not know for sure but that is what I think, I hope it kinda helps :slight_smile:


@ExquisiteSoup here is another post by Jazz:


I’m not 13 yet here we are

Same lol

Me neither. I is 5

I thought you is 11

No. I is 2

I am -1

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Lol okay. @tankt2016 u is right, i is 11

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A 5 year old coder is a child prodigy.


I’m 11. I was joking lol.

Just saying that if a 5 year old coded, that child is super smart and a child prodigy.

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Yes. For sure

@ExquisiteSoup no problem, but maybe keep the OP so that users in the future who have the same question can be linked to this topic?

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Thanks for finding that! I knew I had answered this recently. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The TOS are from Discourse, not THT. The Community Guidelines are from THT.
Generally speaking, it’s a matter of trust. Unless you want THT to begin asking for IDs, it’s an honor system issue except for those who have parental or legal guardian permission. The age rule doesn’t impact kids here with their parents’ approval. (Which I highly recommend.)


Thank you for your help, Jazz. If you will allow me, I will drop the thing about those too-young-as-advised-by-Discourse-rules users leaving.


Not a problem at all!! :smile:

(I think I already did… :thinking: No worries! :slightly_smiling_face:)


no problem, I wanted to just help out!

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I believe this is part of the Discourse terms of use or something not related to Hopscotch.

I believe if you are 13 or under you need parental permission to be on here but if you are 14 or older you don’t.

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