Age Based Bullyin.g



This has been bothering me a lot :disappointed:

People in hopscotch and the forum are being mean to younger hopscotchers! (Like under 10) For no good reason! There isn't a good reason to do it, we can't help being young!

Youth abuse is being mean to others because of how young they are. It happens on the Internet a lot, but hopscotch is mostly a kids-teens app (but there are some adults) so we should stop youth abuse on hopscotch.

Before you say: 12 year olds also get youth abuse online! I'm talking about youth abuse in hopscotch, not the entire internet. If you agree with that youth abuse is wrong, then make a comment about it.

But, I can easily remember rude comments, so if I remember you making a comment that is youth abuse, then you will have to apologize.



xD why does everyone like my posts but never comment?!


Also, being rude about someone's grade can also be youth abuse.


I agree I am 11 and I am treated unfairly


Sorry, I don't really get this. What am I supposed to comment?


Then, who was treating you unfairly on hopscotch?


You can comment if you agree or disagree, and why


basically, hopscotch is for coding and we shouldn't rate or judge anyone on their skills and be nice and encouraging to everyone.


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I guess I agree. I don't think anyone should be looked down on. I think we should all be friends and just... Code. But I don't think "Abuse" is really the right word. It isn't nearly that bad.


I guess your right... Can someone edit the title? I don't know what word to use xP


I don't think that it's good if people are bullied on hopscotch and if you don't share your age everyone can be equal.


What are we going to do about it? bullys are not just going to stop when people tell them to. Maybe we could make projects and write essays to inspire people and give them a reason to stop. :smile:
(@SnowGirl_Studios, maybe we could make a topic about this and collab on an essay about it)


Several hopscotches who remixed my projects


I feel inspired to make an anti ■■■■■■■■ project


If you see a post that is mean, please flag it so that we can remove it!


I don't think it's "abuse" , it's more like ""
I agree we shouldn't bully someone because of age, but like @Liza said, just report :slight_smile:
And the bully's won't stop, we can't change their minds for them so report them and then keep coding!


Ok! Thanks @liza! :wink:


I just flagged a post that was rude to 9 year olds...
But I don't want to say who made the post, but the post is on @Hermione's topic about rules on hopscotch


I wouldn't call this "abuse".

Can you give me some examples of these types of posts? You don't have to say who posted them, but I'm a little confused. :D