AGAR.IO the best remake


Hey guys this is my game it's really good here's some photos and the latest version

Project 1v1s! :D

Wow! It's really cool!


Thanks the new update is here I update every 30 minutes almost


Suggestion: make it so the Circle moves when the iPad is pressed, not the character


What's the Vic.em @Lightningstrike


Circle. Sorry. I typed that wrong


That's awesome! Great job! :wink:


If you could make 2 joysticks, you could have a 2 player version.
One in the bottom left of the screen for player 1
One in the top right of the screen for Player 2
(why do i give ideas i should keep for myself?)


Ok that will be an option probably or a separate version more than likely an option


@Stradyvarious here's the 0.14.0 update adding split screen and joysticks


Hey guys I need suggestions for my game I have 2 players now and I'm also working on optimizing the lag this might go back in alpha for more work I'll keep you informed (updated)


Okay the lag was fixed it runs smooth but the joysticks are glitches alpha aborted


how about it follows you?


What needs to follow