I was wondering if anyone would like to join me in making
I'd like @Rawrbear @DuckmanTerry @seawolfwerehorse to join.
(You don't have to, but I'm recruiting you)

I know this has been done before, but if we could add better graphics, viruses and a moveable map (maybe even bots!) it would be amazing. Anyway, if you're interested:

You have been on hopscotch for at least half a year
You play
You know how to make a Joystick, game, and get unicodes

Not Required but Highly Recommended:
publish a entry named #COTF (Collaboration of the forgotten) that represents why you want to be in this collaboration
Have a project with 200+ likes
Follow me for news and updates

I am recruiting as many as 3-6.


I'd love to I love but I don't have a200+ likes project in my defense that's no fair

#4 was already made on hopscotch and that's lame that you have to have 100+ likes

  1. Yes (6 months exactly!)
  2. I have about 6 100- liked projects... Not trying to brag :wink:
  3. AGARIO IS LOVE, AGARIO IS LYFE. 'nough said
  4. Yes, yes, yes
    I don't care if I don't make it cause I'm busy, but worth a shot :slightly_smiling:


I don't have that either


Accepted! When you are online I will give you the username and pass


Read my comment. It says "I know this has been done before"


Um you have more than 6- 100
+ projects.

Are you lotsapizza:pizza::pizza::pizza:


Yeah.. Oh I just stuffed my face with turkey


Sure, I'll join! But I have only been on for 3 months :confused:

Otherwise, I meet these requirements:


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I meet these requirements. Can I join!


20202020202020 body invalid


Due to unsure circumstances and people who insist, I decided not to do this collaboration anymore. Sorry :frowning:


Sure man, I'll do it. But I think we should wait a few days, I need to update hopscotch, and that needs the permission of my teacher.


I have been working on a game