African Animals

I also did these African Animals. I used three of Fun2Draws videos

Should I color them in or just leave them?? I am also working on a Flamingo!


Maybe post on the same topic? We don't wanna clog up the forum!

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Dude, post these in the drawing project they are not hopscotch related

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I think they are awesome this way but it depends on your decision and you should also post them Here or maybe your general topic
They are great! :smiley:


Please remember to give credit to the tutorials made by fun2draw. :D


If you can't post in the Drawing Topic, at least keep all your art in one topic. This is really too many topics created at once, and it's irrelevant to Hopscotch.

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COlour them!


Don't make a topic for everything, post related things in one topic :D

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Which one do you prefer?? #bored

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@MiNi can I do the same thing that you did with your about me thing except put a different verse?? I didn't want to do it without asking you.


You didn't have to ask

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Ok! Thank you! I just did not want to be taking your idea

Could you put this in the other topic?
We don't want to clog up the forum