Aesthetic challenge



Well, as you could see this is the post will all the info and where the challenge is stored. So, let’s get started with why and how you do this challenge. Why, well I am looking to see everyone’s creativity, and what their mindset is for this. How, well you must select a color for your aesthetic. Then, you must find 7 photos that go along to the aesthetic together. Once that is done, you will post it here with a caption on each photo. The winner will get into my bio and get a shout out from me, yay! So that is it, please join thank you!


I’ll join!


Yay! Well, what would you like your color to be?


Oh nevermind I see it’s black!


I’ll join and mint please. Do we have to take the photos or just find them?


There was supposed to be a photo here that looked nice but the link to it contained the bad word “fleece-hoodie- cat-jack” Here a worse one of the same hoodie. (Obviously its edited and I covered my face)

:O I should make room like this
Or maybe like this!
Look how cozy!

Can we decorate my next birthday party like this?
I already found some nice invitations! (We’ll need to fix the details though)

All photos arent mine except for the first one (which took ages to get, I mean I had to tape my phone to the ceiling but it’s all for the aesthetic)


Wow, I’d love to have a loft bed like that!

Whew, how hard was that, and how’d you tap the take photo button?


I used a timer (like you would press the button and then you had ten second to get in the right position) and it’s just a normal bed.


I know, but that other photo with the loft bed is awesome!


Oh I thought you meant the first one!