Advice/quotes from hopscotchers [really needed, please post one]



Does any of you have coding advice? I want to put them in a project. Thank you. Quotes are better.




Don't stop once you start!


Ooh ooh ooh the quote in @KVJ's bio

It says something like,

"No one is bad at coding. The closest you can get is inexperienced."


Keep trying your best at coding and everything! :grinning:


Keep trying! Even if you can't do it right the first time, try harder! You can do it! :D



That's my quote! :tada:


Can you redo the OMTL? I'm on the OMTL, but I wasn't tagged.


Are you tagged now, @thepickle?


If it's laggy, figure out why and fix it. Also, it's do, not does.




Procrastination is why you procrastinate.


Keep trying! Don't give up! Featured will make its way to you!


Life lessons with snoopy


Yes, I was tagged xD


Life is why you life.
Let's all life together.


Anybody can code anything, they just need TLC: Tender Loving Coding.


OH! I do! Follow people who frequently make good projects. That way, your following tab isn't filled with rubbish and RPs. (not that you can't follow peeps who do RPs.)


Never give up! Ask for help if you need to!


Anymore? :D


If in doubt, call music pineapple.