Advice On Ice Cream?!

#1 I know the project is really bad, but please check it out! Also, could you please reply saying what you don't like about it and how to make it better? Thanks!
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May i please have a link?


Oh yes!! I totally forgot!! :sweat_smile:


I linked it now!


I love it it is cool!




That is soooooo cool!!!


Oops I will edit I meant love!


Yes, I thought that's what you meant.


Really? Thanks!! That's nice! You were talking about my project right?? (I get confused.)


That's awesome!!! I love those icecream projects!


Of course I was talking about your amazing project silly!


@GracefulIcing1 Wow this is REALLY cool! I love it! Maybe you could make something where you could choose the color of the swirl. Just a thought!


Great idea!! I was going to do that, but then I realized I would have to do a LOT more code, so this was just kind of a preview. I'm glad so many people like it!!! :smiley:


Is awesome me under s blanket


That is super cool! You should make a tutorial on how to make them. :smiley:


Great idea!! I might do that!!


Awsum idea!!!!! (*≧▽≦)
Just a thought: maybe you could add backround muѕíc σr funny backround, different faces for the icecream, ect


Cute and awesome! Totally love it!


Amazing! You're great at 3D shading!