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Hello. Do you have a cool game you're working on but it doesn't work? Well I will give you advice for fixing it. Please give details on the problem?
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I like your idea

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I did. I deleted it. When self was added, the BG for it got featured. That didn't work either. I deleted it, and now I have a third attempt that is working.

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This happened to me, too! Took me a bunch of tries to get it working, and self made it a whole lot easier. In fact it's kinda similar to the game you're working on (I started a loooong time ago, didn't copy you in any way!) :P

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I started in December. What's yours about?

Some time in September / October I think. I will publish it sometime soon

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Wow. Dolphin_Coders is following me everywhere! Thank you Dolphin coders