Advertising for HS?


Ok, so my friend showed me this website called quotev, where you can read and write stories! I am going to make an account, and post all of my HS stories on there! I think it would be a fun way to share my writing, plus promote hopscotch! What do you guys think?




That's sounds cool


That's so cool! :D

Awesome find, Dudey! :D

EDIT: @iReesesCup beat me nu


Here's a like! <3
You too @Rainboom! :blush:


Ur welcome! :D



I go on Quotev a lot to do quizzes. But u don't have an account
Wut is your account called?:wink:



What's your account called?



Isn't it considered communication outside of the forum?

Idk, but I look forward to reading them!


Sounds awesome!

If there's a means of communication then be sure not to share


Whoops! Can't share that yet

@Kiwicute2016, would this be considered communication outside of the forum?


If it's something like docs, then it'd be considered communication, but if it's something else, please tell me!


I don't think it is actual communication, but I'll get back to you on that. :smile:


It could be good but I have one question:
Does it show your name?


I have quotev! It's rlly fun!


I used to have quotev, but I deleted my account. It has the capacity to be really inappropriate if someone isn't careful with what they read and participate in, and it does count as communication outside of Hopscotch because it's technically a social media.
I have a really bad prejudice against it, since there are parts of it that are totally inappropriate, and the unsuspecting user could stumble into a terrible RP or a messed-up yandere quiz.


I don't think I like Quotev as much after reading that




Oh my :0

Thank you so much for sharing that! That's really helpful to know. I'm not going to get it.


I just checked and it has 'most horrific moment in the Bible' with something inappropriate as the cover. :0


Aww I hate when people do stuff like that :(