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Great topic idea! :slight_smile:


This is a cool saveable tapper @omtl!


That is cool! I also made a saveable tapper game a while ago, actually.


Good proof of concept, although it is a little bit buggy


I made my savable RPG. First stage is buggy, and over the summer, I’m going to squash those.


Thanks for sharing your project!


Same it was terrible though lol


Sorry but this is sorta like my Game Testers topic… thx sry if it’s a bit different but it just seems like it


Oh I thought that was for testing your games…


No… it’s called game Testers for everyone… tho a lot of my games are on there


Game testers…for testing games? Am I cutting corners here?


But yeah it’s for everyone


This is a cool topic!!


That is really cool!