Adventure Land Studious club



I am passionate for coding. I was wondering if anyone would want to help me finish up this project, and then do other projects together. Yet there is some requirments.
1. You have to agree that hater accounts etc is bad
2. You have to be a better than beginner coder
3. You have to have a desire
Thats it. I really hope that these are good reasons or requirments to be in this club. Oh. One more requirment.
4. You have to complete challenges.
Also, I will be coding a hopscotch sign up sheet due to come out next year. Here are the questions that will be on the sign up:
Are you a writer, animator, or game maker?
Depending on which one of these you are, make a story, animation or game.
Are you on hopscotch forum?
If you are, then please make sure you are notified on our topic.
What project are you most proud of?
Explain why.
Finally, (and obviously) what is your username?
If you are reading this, not on hopscotch right now, you can simply just post the questions right on this topic.


I'm EVERYTHING!!!! I'll Be In Your Club.


Thanks. Since your the first to join, mind being co?


Oh, and also please help think of name. Something creative. Then Ill rename this topic.


Im probably gonna post the sign sheet sooner, on hopscotch. But you can put them in now, here.


I can join I guess I am all of those


Can I join I am all of those too!


Okay, @Alliband! Here Is The Name!

Team Dragon!!!!!!


Sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! body invaild


Dont want to be picky, but I was thinking more like Shadow warriors? @Pokemon101


You can join. @Work_kids_coding and @Fun_in_the_Sun.


NOOOOOOOOO not that name how about

Adventure studios


Let's see what everyone thinks

  • Team Dragon
  • Shadow warriors
  • Adventure Land Studios


I need more then four votes


@Work_kids_coding , can I be in you club?? PLEASE!!!!!!!


@Alliband can I be in your club?????


@Work_kids_coding ummm could you let some other people suggest the names


Adventure Land Studious it is. Hey, how do I change the title?


dont worry... got it


Here's the format:

@Alliband is founder and leader
@Pokemon101 is co
@Work_kids_coding and @Fun_in_the_Sun are higher class members.
Anyone else is just normal members.


Still thinking... Even votes...