Adventure games ideas



Any ideas on adventure games?


Can someone please give me a idea


I will give credit please give me a idea


Maybe some sherlock game? Like you are a detective, and you need to solve a question or puzzle. And after a few questions you can choose the criminal, who did the crime according to you.


Hi @Work_kids_coding! I am really sorry but I absolutely love the Sherlock Holmes tv show and books so unless you have already made a game could I pinch @Jootje's idea? It's fine if you have already started I just suddenly thought what an amazing idea it was! :yum::cat:


Thanks for liking my idea, and I think it doesn't matter if you pinch the idea, because that's where ideas are for right? You will make a different project than @Work_kids_coding will make. Tell me when you finished it!


Maybe you can create a project where the character goes through scenes of nature such as swinging on a rope vine over the waterfall or walking through the forest. The forest can be filled with Banyan Trees and have Parrot flying around?


do ZELDA!!! Ive bean trying S0000OOO hard with all 3 of my chickie quest games. But I need the game to be decently long but not super laggy like chickie quest 3. I dont know but an update might have bugged them all out. Though feel free to use them as a starting point for any ZELDA esc game you want to make.