Adventure awaits you soon!



Known bugs:

-Continues to snow when entering Secret Entrance

Report bugs you find here!

Future ideas:

-The ability to set what stage you want
-The ability to set your character level

Let me know what you want to see in future updates!

The ability to set your own stage and level is to give you the ability to set the stage you and level you want in case you closed the project and wanted to continue where you left off

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The level select and character level select feature has almost been perfected!


Wow, that is just so good! I found one bug though: when I was on the first level and had defeated two monsters, I had to defeat a third even though the “monsters left” indicator said “2/2”. This might only have been a one time issue though.


The 2/2 means you have 2/2 monsters defeated but that “3/2” is the “mini boss” to go onto the next stage


Aha, okay. Thanks, that makes sense.


Yea I tried to have a pop up saying “mini boss” but the new set height and width block is a bit broken


Update Adventure over time, or leave it as it is?

  • Update it over time
  • Leave as it is

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