Adventure awaits you soon!



You can get the link without publishing: Get the “id” trait from your JSON file (looks something like zgwg125sr and put it at the end of a URL like this:<here> to get something like this:

But then the link doesn’t work, it only shows what the link will be. :joy:

But if you publish, copy, and unpublish, the ljnk will work. The only problem: it give a 404 on the webpage (opens in app just fine) but anyone can publish that and steal all the code


Adventure awaits you soon…
Adventure is soon to come with an exciting… adventure!
I used the word adventure a lot in this post oops.

Here’s an update on the works of Adventure:

Areas to finish:
-Final Fight

Parts of the game to finish:
-Story ending
-Tap damage and monster health balancing

Adventure coming this week!

I have a YouTube channel!

Random stuff will be uploaded every once and a while!

Also let me know if you want to join the tag list for any updates regarding the production of Adventure!
pomtl will still be tagged on the release post of Adventure

Also January 24th is the day I’ve been on the forum for one year! Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout my first year on the forum!

This post is longer than I expected… oh well

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So Adventure isn’t turning out like I’m wanting it to.
This whole week has just been nothing but 0 motivation to work on anything and I’m not satisfyied with the way Adventure is turning out.
That being said, this is a question asking you guys if I should release it or just scratch it and come up with something else to make.

I’m including pomtl in this because it’s an important post

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Release it and then work on something else


What @Mindcool24 said.


The reason I’m not satisfied with the way it’s turning out is because it’s something different, it’s super basic, in my opinion it’s super slow paced.
I find it where people would say the gameplay is boring and there isn’t much to do


You should release it!


Ditto with CoM release it!


Ditto with both, RELEASE THE CRAKIN!


Release it!
It looked good, and it would be sad if all the hard work you put into it was deleted.


I think that you should release it, if you have something to release.


Also another thing

This is the final boss, the image is blurred so you don’t have to see it if you don’t want to

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ha that’s an enormous bosss


Mother of all things holy… That is flipping awesome!!! You must release it!!


This sounds really cool, can’t wait to play it.


That looks so cool!

I can’t wait to play it either


That’s cool
It looks great!


What did you use to create that? Only shapes? O.o


Could I join your tag list?

Any coding tips? How do you create amazing games like this?


Yes I’ll add you to the list