Adventure awaits you soon!



Probally #meta-hopscotch but #open-source-code might be good too


I had it on meta-hopscotch until 4 people decided to change it around


Oh, ok.
Is there going to be beta testing for this?


No not for this game


Oh, ok!
Well, can’t wait for it to come out!


Yea I don’t know how to get project links without publishing the project. I could ask Awesom_E


Idk but @CoderOfMagic has done it
I think you publish it, get the link, and unpublish it


Not sure if the link would work after unpublishing it


You could try it
Idk, ask CoM


Taking a break this weekend!
I’ve been working hard on this project to get it out as fast as possible!
I don’t usually code during the weekend, I will code a bit if I feel like it. Anyways I’m hoping to get this finished sometime next week.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Yes, and random stuff is for coding related topics too.

It’s talking about a project that’s more than an idea, so not meta, and it doesn’t have any open source code, so not open source code. It doesn’t fit in any other category. I will gladly recategorize when the project is published. :grin:


Okay, but I just see random stuff as being random. So I doubt it’d fit in there either.
and just saying you don’t have to be this strict on categories. Maybe let the owner of the topic choose the category. It’s not like a bunch of users would care that much if it’s in the wrong category ; )


Discuss anything and everything code-related, that is not covered by other categories. Meet new friends, collaborate on ideas, announce your newest project or library, and get to know other Hopscotchers.

It is not covered by the other categories, so to keep the forum organized and everything easy to find, it should go here. :smiley:


Okay, but I think TheCMStudios should make the decision.


@omtl, and @pomtl users, if you want to receive notifications about news posts for this topic let me know!


I would please!


I have let you know.


I would please, too!


Yes please.


Did you copy my bio location? I just noticed (if you did)