Adventure awaits you soon!



The world was taken over… your home destroyed… what should you do? Go on an adventure of course!

Introducing Adventure, coming soon!

In this adventure type game, you set out on an adventure to defeat Gliptic, an evil spirit that has taken over the world and has destroyed your home!

There are 50 stages, each stage you go through will get progressively harder! Once you hit stage 50, it’s a face off against Gliptic to save the world and your people!

Are you ready for an adventure?



Sounds good to me
Hope it turns out great (and it probally will)
Sounds like something that would be featured too


I hope so! Really working hard on this one!


Ok! I hope it comes out great! You make good projects btw


Thanks! I might be using the exclamation point a bit too much lol


It’s ok.


Wow 50
The level select menu should exist then
Have you done any work on the level select menu yet? Not many Hopscotch games have levels, but the ones that do are just amazing games.


This game has stages, like those idle games


It would be nice, once you finish the game, to go back to some few levels.
I also have a suggestion! In the game, you will need to accumulate coins (or a score total) to move on to the next section. This might be nice to try and make the player repeat a section and really get to know your game, and a push to see if they can beat their high score.


Totally! I’ll see what I can do!
Right now I’m in the gameplay design phase


Ok! I don’t want to intercede some more, so keep working on your game! You have just given me an idea to make another multi-level game…


Don’t worry I take suggestions anytime, you should totally work on something like that it would be cool!
I’m doing different biomes to stages so like 1-10 will be like a plains biome, 10-20 forest, 20-30 desert type biome, 30-40 maybe a taiga, 40-50 secret entrance


yeet GweTV is excited.


Wow 50? That’s cool!


That’s definitely the plan


Hopscotch needs more of these long(almost RPG) games! Can’t wait.


Another new project from you - and I already know what it’s going to be like. It’s going to be awesome!


I can’t wait! Mention me in the post where you share this, please.

Also, since this doesn’t include anything which the meta description says, and currently has no open source code, I have placed it in random stuff, which I think will be more appropriate for the topic. :grin:


Here we go guys!
The following biomes have been finished:

Following areas left to complete:
-Secret entrance
-Boss Fight

Adventure is almost close to being done!


Um it’s a coding related topic
It should probably be in #meta-hopscotch or #open-source-code