Advanced Collab



I have done quite a few collabs, and none have been sucessful yet (Mature Collab hasn't started yet). I would like to create an Advanced Collab made of people who have been on Hopscotch a while and know how to code well. Do you think this is a good idea? If you would like to join, please link some of your best projects in a comment below (both what you are most proud of and what has gotten the most likes). I am looking for people who do mostly code, and don't just play lotteries. We can discuss what we are making after some people join.



That could not seem nice to some people!


I'm in scratch and I just made a super complex project, which is step one for people like @MagmaPOP


Mature Collab has started but not with making something on hopscotch.


Can I join? and


This seems very interesting! But the only problem is that I would get sidetracked.


I didn't mean for it to offend people! How do you think it seems offensive? I can change my wording.


I am very sure you didn't mean it that way!
I don't quite think that is the best way of putting it...what if the person likes making lotteries!


Your ideas are really good! For The Dojo, it is impossible for the right character to get hurt. I played it and chose Bear, and only Bear had health points taken when attacked. I liked your Shark Attack game too but I couldn't destroy the yellow/gold ship even when I was touching it. If you just fix those things you can be accepted. You can just put the code you already used in an ability.


I did fix the health in beta 0.2 and I don't know why that one boat doesn't go away but I'll try to fix it.


I finally got my ipad back and can now do Hopscotch! :smiley: I would love to join. Two projects I am the most proud of are "Food fight AI v1.3" where I implemented an AI for food fight that you can fight against with different difficulty levels. Another one is "simple list in hopscotch" where I found out how to make a list in Hopscotch. I also have done some pretty advanced things in Hopscotch theory and collabs regarding physics and evolutionary algorithms:

I've been Hopscotchin' since september of last year, but I have been coding for many years in languages such as Lua, Java, C, and Python and have a lot of experience with programming logic. I'm 12 years old.
I think I would be a great help with the collab. Can I join?


Could you please link projects? I read both of your posts. They were very well thought out, although I didn't quite understand all the math and code stuff.


The AI is here, the list is here.


Me! You (probably) know what I can do, but I am just asking to manage here!! :smiley::grin:


You links aren't working? I already read the posts if that is what you are trying to link. I also just wanted you to link projects that you made.


May I join? I'm the leader of Mature Club! :smile:


Can I join this is my project that got the most likes on and I am making some cool things that I didn't realese yet


Hi can I join this Collab I am FruityMilkshake and I have another famous account !
My most like is 432 and it starts with Vanila and i was on trending for that!
hope i can join thanks!


@Rawrbear I've seen a lot of your projects, and I especially like your recent 3D globe.

@DragonDog I saw your project on Rising and I played it! That is a really cool keyboard.

@BuildASnowman you are in too.

@Hermione I will get back to you in a little while.


So I'm in!!! Thank you!!!