Advanced coding school!



Ouch… That’s sad. What do you have to code on?


I guess.


Currently nothing but my phone, And my phone is in Spanish! So it’s much difficult because of the screen’s size and the language…


Ya… Is English your first language or not?
You don’t have to answer


No, I’m Mexican, and I didn’t learnt English until 1st grade…


Cool! Just something I’ve found is a python ide that is free on Apple


But I already know how to speak it fluently! It’s now like if I had 2 main languages!


That’s cool! I’m trying to learn French but learning at 15 doesn’t work to well


Yeah! But as you know, my school iPad doesn’t have AppStore, so o can’t install it, and if I want to downlad an app in my phone I need my moms approval…


I’m also learning French! It’s easy when your main language is Spanish, your school only talks English except for Spanish an French class…


Ya. I grew up with a bit of Spanish but mostly English
Ya Spanish and French are both latten based


R u from a country whose native language is English?


Yup I’m from the states


Ya you’re not wrong if we didn’t we would be speaking like Navajo


Oh, that’s nice. Welll, good luck with the teaching.


Thanks m8


@pomtl any problems coding? Nothing you wanna ask? Sorry for tags…


Just a format question ig

So I’m coding this project, with a stopwatch in it.

Would this code let the stopwatch be as accurate as possible? (Someone said it takes like 16.7 millisecs to run a block so it says 83.3 instead of 100 millisecs.)

Format for the time will prob be
Should I change the format from Min.SecMillisec to Sec.Millisec? Or leave it the way it is?

(Min.SecMillisec = 2.45, Sec.Millisec = 24.5; 2 minutes, 4 seconds, 5 milliseconds.)


You could leave it as it is right now! But you should try running a real stopwatch at the same time this one is on, to prove the 16.2 milliseconds rule!


Hmmm yeah time to get my bro off his device for a moment