Advanced coding school!



Ok I’m open now. For the next hour


I applied for Invisibiliy and size!


Is it okay if I’m a teacher?


Grumpy Cat? :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol. I applied for anything involving shapes, design, and shape art. That coolo?


I gave you the “Nice topic” badge, didn’t I?


There’s no students? At all? The there’s no one to teach! If you’re talking about people asking for help, they would be students!


The point is that we teach each other if we have a question.


I luv the praise Cthulhu thingy


I pronounce it cuh-thu-loo.


That’s what a student is!


I pronounce it choo loo loo
Idk how to pronounce it lol


Wait, why are you leaving??!


i can teach basic python


Check my gt…


Yeah but there is not a “student” specifically, they just come and ask a question, and teachers answer! Simple, huh?


Everyone who has signed in for teacher is in!


Cool! My first class will begin tomorrow, but im not sure what time yet. Probably in the lates afternoon/ early evening. Anybody who wants to come see, I have a question. Should I do a tutorial on basic things for newer coders? Or jump to some more advanced features? Thanks! :D.


Are you doing a lot of music on hopscotch?


Nice idea, but it’s sad that you will leave Hopscotch. But I really like that you turn it into something more positive than just leaving. And you can still check it every once in a while, right? :wink: