Advanced coding or extern code import!


Hey hoppers,

I was thinking about those who got good at what's available in hopscotch right now and came to this idea

how about adding a advanced option (in app-settings) where you can do things like callback

10 line 1
20 line 2
goto 10

for the developers (kinda like the oldschool BASIC (c64 anyone)

or a way to save the project to itunes and edit them on mac/pc (would be a big time saver for some projects


This sounds like a great idea @Arcana!

But Hopscotch is more of an coding made easy app.

I think some of that advanced coding would be kind of hard for kids, because that is what the app is geared towards.

But grown ups use it too!

This sounds like a great idea though!


Awesome idea! I'd love to see these features come into the app :smiley:

I remember wanting to learn Visual Basic code when I was about 7, but isn't BASIC one of the first code languages?


Yes it was,

It was the grandfather of visual basic as it is today


Cool idea!

Those would be awesome things to have! Who knows, maybe we will?