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wip :00

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Let's go to myself general topic now


I really wanna cut my hair short but being able to tie my hair back is nice >:0


How does that work? :stuck_out_tongue:




the previous statement is now false (shameless self-plug)


My hair would be so weird dyed... I have super weird blonde hair that doesn't cooperate with me. ಠ_ಠ



You're a boy... :p


Guys dye their hair it's not even an "girls can do [blank] but boys cant!!!" Thing


Boys can also dye hair. :P


Hey guess what i dont have to get ready for judo yet :DD


Okay then :P


Why's that? :0


I don't know... I'm sorry for the sexist remark. I'm really stressed and tired right now. :P

Sorry @Gilbert189 :P


It's okay :DD


Bc i dont have to pick up my friend first


I do too but my parents won't let me, bc they don't like short hair, yet I've been asking them forever >:frowning:


Okay. :)

Wow, people accept apologies easily here compared to my school... Stuff happens, y'know? :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol it took alot of persuasion for my mom to let me cut my hair

I mean she was fine with it after the fact and said it looked awesome but like it still took a bit

i think she jsut wanted to make sure i wouldnt regret it