Adopt A Pet! Requests Taken! On Page 2!



Here's a pic! I'm going to add more animals but if you want me to add animal that's just for u I'll do it and put ur name below! U could even request a hat or bow for extra if you want! And the code is kinda a lot for me to do, so please do not judge. This is all I got so far, also a picture of the code! :wink: The sign up sheet is on here and on hopscotch. Please include details such as, extras, animal, and gender. Request an animal if you want to.


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These are also made for kawaii lovers!


Thx! I loved ur scavenger hunt!


Add a turtle that's just standing on 4 legs with cute eyes.


Ok. I will start working on it.


Woah! Cuuuttteee!!! :two_hearts::two_hearts::dog::dog::pig::pig: how about a cat?


Ok. But, since @Razor first requested, I'll have to do that later. Do you want to add a bow and is it standing on two legs or four?


If you meant me I would like it on four with a bow


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Ok, but I'm not great with birds so it might be slightly messed up!


Ooh! How about a unicorn :3 yyyeeeeah!


Can you make a panda? I am a panda freak, that's why! Also, could you make it so it has a little purple bow in it's hair? Also, the gender is female. Thanks!!


I was talking to @Strawberryunicorn, but thanks for being more detailed so I can add the bow!


The pets are so good! Can you do a horse? Also, ps: off topic, but go on docs!


Ok! I'm going on hopscotch until I finish Razors turtle....


Oh yeah can you make the bow tie orange? Thanks


:3 I want the unicorn though :3 :smiley:


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Ok, unicorns are awesome! :smiley: