Admins arn't online


i was looking at the times the admins last posted and most of them havent posted anything in the past month


They’re all super busy, either with developing and working on the app, or things in their daily lives. Some of the admins have kids to take care of, too.




So? They might be busy fixing bugs…


i wasent trying to attack them. i know they have other things to do, just they haven’t been online in awhile. some of them haven’t been online since last year whitch is a problem for pepole needing to ask questions. the only one thats been online in the last week is liza. there were two that’v been onlhne this week but i didn’t check to see if it was in the last week


If you have questions, you can always email them! :smiley:
(I think these are most of the emails, if I’m wrong please correct me! They are usually very quick to respond too!)


I thought you quit!


Sorry this is off topic but are you posting any projects soo?