Adios Hopscotch!


Hey guys! As you probably know, I am no longer a moderator, nor a leader. I am sad to see this happen, but I understand the reasoning. Sadly, this also means my departure from Hopscotch. This isn't a cry for attention, nor do I want to be convinced to come back. My decision is final and I ask that it be on good terms. Now, if you would, for a moment, I would like to get a little sentimental.

I made a lot of my best memories here on the forum. All of you are amazingly bright and intelligent people, and even though I might seem a little harsh sometimes, no matter who you are, you are awesome. All the fun I've had here is simply incredible, and I'll remember this as a big part of my life. Thank you, all of you, for making this such an awesome time :slight_smile:

As most of you have probably extrapolated, the reason for the demotions is not "we’re not able to give the leaders and moderators all the support they need to grow" (A sentence with no discernible meaning) The real reason is that our views for the forum simply didn't line up with THT's, and from the look of the pms we got, our criticism was not taken well.

I am intrigued at how the forum will fare now. I know that THT simply doesn't have the time to moderate the forum (without giving up progress on the app), so new leaders will have to be promoted soon. I pray that they are good ones. Of course all of you would be great leaders, but I want a special shoutout for COAN and Madi, who I think should be leader. As to the other leaders, it is really a tossup. All of you would be awesome at my old job XD

I want to say a special thanks to @Kiwicute2013, @PopTart0219, @Gilbert189, @Intellection74, and @oio for being really good friends and really awesome people.

Anyways, thanks. That's all I have to spill. I'll check in every once in awhile, but yeah. Adios!

4 leaders gone... This is bad
I'm working to be a leader!
Long "rant" thing and also PLEASE HELP ME
Who is Leaving?
What happened to the Hopscotch Forum?

Oh okay, this makes sense. Bye BuildASnowman! I never really though you were strict.

So @DestroyASnowman is staying?


Bye ;-;
We'll all miss you, but I understand why your doing this. I personally don't like this desicion, and it's unfair to those who deserved this badge.



Would I make a good leader. Probably not tho XD

No hard feelings but are u the one who suspended me? I won't be mad but I have been wondering for a while?



Hey, come back when there's something interesting between you and Riley! Also, take care of your eyebrows. I know they'll be beautiful one day.


You would be an awesome leader!

And yeah, I was the one who suspended you, but I wasn't the only decision maker. But who cares! I really don't care whether anyone has gotten flags or started flame wars. All the leader-y stuff I did, and anyone does, is just a facade. You aren't actually hurting anyone, so I have no hard feelings. You are still an extremely intelligent, funny, and awesome person.


Bye! I'll miss you SOO much!!!!!! You were an amazing mod and Hopscotcher! Have a great life!


Bye! I hope you have a great life. I might not have talked to you a lot, but hey. From what I saw from your time here was that you're an extremely intelligent, caring, and awesome person. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. (heyyyy I think I made wordplay there haha get it)


We will miss you! I haven't been on the forum for that long so I don't know you too well, but I really look up to you and I really wish I had gotton to know you better! :slight_smile: Also it means so much to me that you think I would be a good leader! You seem like a really amazing and kind Hopscotcher. Farewell!


Thank you!! What's facade?

U were an awesome leader, I just gave u hard times!! XD

And I wanted to tell u the truth that I didn't communicate on jack or Tyler's account so u kinda suspended them for no reason but no hard feelings!

Was being a leader fun?


A "facade" here just means a kind of fake personality. I don't actually get angry at people who break the rules, even though I acted disappointed.

Being a leader was fun, but I'm kind of glad it's over. :slight_smile:


Bye BAS ;-;

I will miss you a lot!
Take care of your brows as kiwi said, I'll miss you!



Bye BAS! You will be missed!


You were supposed to be my next victim Mod-fren...

Bye @BuildASnowman :slight_frown: thanks for the maths and choosing me for the debate


Bye, BAS. Thanks for all you've done here.


Bye! I will miss you! Thanks for being a awesome and helpful mod!

Why are all the mods quitting?


What other mods are quitting?


A lot.


PT kinda quit

I don't know who else quit tho


Goodbye BAS ;-;

I'll miss you so, so much! You were a fantastic mod/leader, and did so much to the community. You rocked. I'll never forget you! ;-;