Adding New Mathamatical Functions Into HS!


So I was wondering where these two symbols are in HS:
≥ Greater Than Or Equal To
≤ Less a Than Or Equal To

This would actually be very helpful with certain variables, and if you are making a drawing pad with width, having a width cap would be easier with this.

Also maybe one more symbol:
~ About Equal to
Would this be To similar to rounding? But this would be cool because you could put it directly in a control flow Block or conditional without previously needing another Function in it.
What are your thoughts and opinions? I am aware that you can use = and < rather than ≤


There already is that


No there isn’t



You can make it. From how I have interpreted your comment, I see my imagination displaying such code as:
[(If Value > 50) or ( value = 45 )

Vice versa.

About equal to can be displayed within a self assessed range, to which the user should determine the self.

(Lets say approximately 60)
If value is > than 58 and < than 63

This is how I interpret your post. If I am wrong on your remark please let me know, as I’d like to see this.


Yeah I was saying I knew you could easily do it certain ways, but this makes it way simpler, and it canypt be that hard to add. There are certain things that I don’t care about them adding (like a decrease variable Block because of negatives) because those don’t take an extra step. With these it takes a little bit more time.


well this is supposed to teach kids to code, not have stuff coded for them

honestly i see this as an opportunity to learn how to solve problems like this, it is a great idea, but still no support, sorry


A not Block would solve it too. Not equal, not less than and not more than


They do have not equal to blocks, right? Or maybe I’ve been mistaken. I’m pretty sure they do

But yes, there are a lot of things that Hoscotch can add that other programming languages already use, Hopscotch is just the kicker to get you interested in powerful coding.

Typing about equal to in Hopscotch might be harder than actually typing a >, < bound:

If (x > 10) & (x < 13)

Plus, you never use about equal to in mathematical expressions (Well, I mean you do use it, but it’s just a rounding tool that you use in the answer of a problem. Like: 5.000123 ~ 5 or whatever. Easy to implement in Hopscotch. They don’t need to ceate an entirely new block.)

And also being real hypocritical here, Hopscotch should add a plus or minus math symbol. Let’s make a page about new block ideas


Its actually easy to make, say you want “Greater than or equal to 7”

You put if x > 6

That way it includes 7


Not equal yes, but you could put it with the and + or


That also includes 6.00001 and 6.92728282 and all that


I’m pretty sure you coukd already do that in Hopscotch.