Adding logins to Hopscotch


Can hopscotch please put the log in feature back??

Help make the forum better

Totally. We removed it temporarily because it was causing a lot of bugs :-\

We're working super hard on fixing them, and expect a new update to be available in the App Store—with logins!!—in the next few weeks.

Some more context if you're interested: the reason this feature caused so many bugs is because, up until now, each iPad was associated with only one Hopscotch account. By allowing multiple accounts on the same iPad, we had to move from saving drafts on your local device to saving drafts on our server, and this was a much more complex problem than we anticipated.

Thanks for your patience!


It's now back!


Why are you always responding to 5-month old posts? 🤔


Heh heh nobody knows


No, not alwayss


What's the login feature?