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Hi @SnowGirl_Studios!

Here is how to make text links in your posts like these ones:

It can make things a lot cleaner in your posts so you have information that flows in your sentence.

And someone else can still tap on the text to go onto another useful site and not have to deal with long URLs/website addresses in your post.

There's nothing wrong with URLs/website addresses, but having text you can click on instead just makes it a bit easier to read through information :smiley:

So here's how to do it:

1) Open the page of which you want to copy the link.

2) Go to its URL/website link which will be at the top of the page. Then copy the link.

3) Go to the post on which you want to add a link or create a new post/reply where you want to add your link.

4) Press the little "linked chain" icon to add a link:

5) A menu will pop up. Here you can paste the URL/website link and press OK when you're done:

6) Then you'll see text in this format appear:

[enter link description here][1]

In the bracket, you can name the text that will appear hyperlinked.

Make sure you name the link description something that describes what the link is about. Keep it short and concise.

You can add more than one link in your text, which is why there is a [1]. It's just for the computer so it knows which link you are talking about, and in this case, it's the first hyperlink you added.

(In fact, if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of your comment when you are editing it, you will see all the list of hyperlinks.)

And that's it! In your comment preview, you will see the text appear hyperlinked.

Using text links is also really helpful if you see someone ask a question in a comment which you know that another topic has an answer to. You can link the topic with the answer in a reply to their comment instead!

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Thank you so much I get it now


Thanks! Great description and very clear, nice work! :grinning:


@SnowGirl_Studios @ColeDJ thanks I'm glad it was helpful! :smile:


@t1_hopscotch how did you add links to Skitch and Hopscotch projects? Those aren't websites!

Links to apps on the App Store & Hopscotch projects

Hi @DanceMG :smiley: yeah that's right they aren't websites but you can copy links from them to open them up :))

Here's how to link to apps on the App Store and Hopscotch projects.


enter link description here



Amazing topic! And @SnowGirl_Studios, remember this one? :grinning:


XD I was so confused back then :stuck_out_tongue: