Adding in bubbles don't work?



It doesn't work? Didn't it work in the last update? What happened?


can you explain more? im a bit confused


Adding in bubbles (values and operations) from other blocks don't work. You can't put them back and you can't put it anywhere other than in the trash.


ohhh hmmm thats weird...i think it may be a bug because i can still do it


Values or operations? I haven't tested operations yet, and this has been happening for a while.




This is a known problem. I am CONSTANTLY fighting with it. I can explain it, and I have a work-around.


This happened with me once, I just restarted Hopscotch and it fixed itself! :wink:


This is different. And the only real solution is in the hands of the dev team.


Are you saying that it never works for you, or are you saying that it should be fixed either way?


Not for me...


Oh, that stinks... :anguished:


I'm saying that the problem that (I think) I am seeing being described above resembles something that I am constantly fighting with, regardless of whether I have reloaded my project, started a new one, restarted Hopscotch or my whole iPad. It's one of a handful of bugs in the editor that I see every time I work with it.


Wow. That stinks. It works fine for me!

I have one thing to ask you, though: if you tap an operation, does it go in right away, or do you have to keep tapping for it to finally go into the blank?

I have to keep tapping, and eventually I get tired of it and drag it important myself... Do these two bugs have to do with each other?

(Sorry for the horrible drawing, I had to represent it somehow! :laughing:)


@GysvANDRegulus, let me tell you the workaround, if you haven't discovered it already.

I think I'm seeing that you were trying to move a math expression into a red bubble that was, itself, inside of a blue flow-control element (check once if, repeat, etc.). And that's the bait for this bug. What you have to do is drag the red bubble that you were trying to populate with the math expression outside of the blue flow control element first. Then you can drag your value into the empty field. Then, finally, you can drag the bubble back inside of the flow-control element.

I know, it's a pain. But I'm having to play this game all the time. Don't even get me started on the other bugs with the editor...


It goes in instantly. It's just moving around the operations which takes 0 seconds to do because I can't.
And thanks, @oio!