Adding Comments


One of the things I would think would be REALLY cool is a Comments section. Users currently have three sections on their page, Drafts, Published, and Favorites. If we could have another section called Comments showing POSITIVE responses by other users, that would be great. A filter for rude or mean comments could be such as comments going to the Hopscotch Team before the user receives comments, that way comments couldn't become Facebook. You could also be able to report mean comments. I think comments would be really cool. I hope you agree.


Comments may be cool, but I feel like hopscotch would slowly turn into a social media app instead of a coding app. Maybe they could make a comment limit or something like that


The Hopscotch Team is thinking about a comment selection where some of the selections are "Good job!" "I like your game" "Can we work on a project together?"

And I think, like the forum, people could level up on Hopscotch and be able to post what they wish to.


Comments look like good ways to encourage each other or collab, as @SUPERSWAGGY said to prevent that we should have flags if there are comments that are not related to hopscotch or the project


I think that collabs have kinda just drifted to making new accounts instead of remixing projects.


More than just flags on comments, I think the comments should go to the Hopscotch Team, BEFORE they go to the user. Just so Hopscotch doesn't become a social media app. Yes, it would give Hopscotch Team a TON of work, so maybe like each user gets 3-5 comments a year, for only the projects they really like.