Addiction Stinks



The main reason why I am trying to quit the forums and Hopscotch is, as you see, addiction.

Addiction means that you can't get out of something. For example, Hopscotch is addictive. Once you go to the app, you are sucked in. You can't quit, you'll just get bored and come back. And even if you don't get bored, you need more of it so much that you just can't not quit.

Addiction in a nutshell:

Hey, I'm going to make a cool Hopscotch project! I'm going to make a game where you shoot enemies! So I put that there, and–I need help! I can't figure this out! Let's go to the Hopscotch Forum. There we go, make a topic! While I'm waiting for a response, I'll socialize a bit! Lalala... This is fun! :smiley:

I need to do my homework... I'll multitask Hopscotch and my work to make doing homework more fun! :D

And... There, I'm done with my game! Time to publ–oh no! I'm not even close to done with homework! :persevere:

Oh man, it's 11:00 at night and I'm not even done with my homework yet! I have to finish it, and fast! But I also have to add the finishing touches to my quiz! But my homework is more important! But I have to finish my quiz! I really have to finish my quiz but I have to do homework and my dad is yelling at me but I really really want to finish my homework but the thing is I'm so close to finishing my quiz that I really really really need to publish so I don't lose my famous rank but my grades are lowering and–

Imagine how much addiction duplicates after a few months! I really need to get out of this, and trust me, addiction really, really stinks.

I'm on the forum too much

This happens to me...I try to stop


You said that brilliantly! I am leaving a bit for the same reason. I have been doing work for three hours. Mainly because my HW deleted. I'm starting a new quarter, 4th quarter, and I am going for all a's!


Oh no! Please stay what if you tell your mom and dad to remind you like "Just do your homework no iPad!"


It really does, @Rawrbear! Good on you to try and fight the addiction! I get exactly where you're coming from!


Being addicted is okay it just depends on what


Well, once you are on a lot, it just becomes something you need. It is always on your mind and sometimes stressful. I can understand why he is taking a break.


Even if you leave you've got our support. Just try to contain yourself


Not if it affects your education, though :frowning:


And it really is. :(


Same here. I see people in it during class, during every moment. Not me. I begin with small guidelines, like no hopscotch at school.


I kinda have the same problem. I just spend waaayyyy too much time on Hopscotch or the Forum


@Liza, this is kind of a weird question. :P

Are you addicted to Hopscotch? If so, what do you do to stay out of it? Coffee with caffeine in it? XD


I grounded myself from looking at Hopscotch.
That's how bad it is.

Just all the RP's I made, all the new games...


I know what you mean! I was not on screens as much before I started Hopscotching...
Also I feel tempted to go on Hopscotch instead of doing my homework..


Yeah I have had the same experience. I've managed it though. I try to get a balance of homework and hopscotch. So I might do my homework a little while I do hopscotch or the forum. (Oops sorry that's multitasking) I also do my homework then I do hopscotch before I got to bed. (Only if I'm busy)


Good thing is, I don't have homework I am homeschooled!





I agree.. Hopscotch addiction can be a problem
I try to balance it out by being super strict with myself, and knowing how much time I have to do something
to tell you guys the truth, Hopscotch isn't as interesting for me anymore, so my addiction isn't that bad :confused:
Also, I grew up with asian parents who always put pressure on me to do my homework before anything else, so that's probably part of it XD
But, yeah
Do what you need to do.
I won't stop you :D


It hasn't always been this way. It only started when I committed myself to hopscotch and the forum. Before I was inactive a lot. Or kind of.