Add Your Sound Help Please



Can I add a sound Say Please

Sounds #howtos #Hopscotch


@NosyBandit Are you meaning for the ability to be able to record/import your own sounds to hopscotch for your project?


Hopscotch is debating whether to let Hopscotchers upload their own sounds and photos because:

  1. They can be inappropriate
  2. They can be mean
  3. Personal info


Totally agreed! but maybe the Hopscotch Team can make a rule of never take a picture of your personal info, mean stuff, and inappropriate stuff, and if you do you'll never publish anything else.


The problem with that is if someone gets banned for inappropriate stuff, they are just going to create a new account and keep doing it. I like Hopscotch the way it is now because it prevents that kind of inappropriate thing.


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