Add new seed block application forms

Hey hopscotch! Can you please make the seed block open to EVERYONE or can you make a new seed dev application form. I’ve always wanted to be a seed dev. And I have 90 seeds but I really want to add monetisation to my projects. Thanks for listening!


Hi! Welcome to the Hopscotch Forum! Unfortunately, the seed dev block isn’t currently planned to be available for everyone, but the next seed developer program will open up at some point and now that you’ve joined the Hopscotch Forum you’ll be able to sign up!


Hi there! Thanks for your feedback. While it’s The Hopscotch Team that decides on the availability, your best bet right now is to join a future seed developer program. The best way to find out about them is to have a forum account, so congratulations on getting one! No one knows when the next program will be, but keep your eyes open!


Yes! That’s almost certainly possible! Reiterating what will said, usually a few times a year the hopscotch team holds an event where a few select users have the opportunity to make games with the request seed block along side a mentor and a cohort of their peers. Being here on the forum is the first step, keep making amazing hopscotch projects and that might invite you to join the next one! (Or maybe there’ll be a public application process, who knows :man_shrugging:)


Thanks! I’m always on the hopscotch forum, I just never signed in before.


Glad to hear that! Then I’m sure you’ll fit right in!


Hey harsiscool! It definitely would be cool to have more Hopscotchers able to monetise their projects.

We don’t have seed developer programs planned in the near term at least, but we have been considering a seed dev application form, to open up the Request Seed block to more people. I have passed on your thoughts to the team.


Thank you!