Add a picture to Hopscotch in update



Can you please add a new block that allows you to chose a picture or take one and it will automatically draw the picture. Please add that in the NEXT update. For example you took a screen shot of Minecraft. Then you put the block that says draw a... Then they click on the ... And it lets them choose a picture like the Minecraft one and it automatically draws that Minecraft picture for you dot by dot.

Photos on Hopscotch

good and bad
good because that would be awesome
bad because someone would do person info and post something inappropriate like FNAF


In the update after the logins, I think that WILL be one of the features!


This is like the custom sound problems, as people may post inappropriate images which we do not want! If somehow hopscotch can make it so that all the images added are filtered, then it's a go. :smile:

Pleas add the following things in new Update

@TopplingCobra this would be realllllllly cool! We're definitely thinking about it!

How would you want to use images?

Also, if you had a choice between:

  • a ton more characters / objects in Hopscotch
  • adding your own images
  • drawing your own

...what would you prefer? Why?

@ColeDJ is totally on point—one tricky step is making sure that nothing inappropriate is shared. We're also working on this!

Can we get new characters

I know I am not TopplingCobra, but I have a choice. I am torn between all the options, but I really think A TON more characters / objects in hopscotch would be cool! I think mainly more objects... There really only is the tree! But more characters too... Maybe people? Just a thought.


Same thing here, I would add icons/buttons (e.g go forward button that is hd) that you could customize the look/colours of them. Would be cool to see :smile:


Yes! That is great! And how about this: There is a report button. If you see an innaprorpiate project, report it! Hopscotch Team will ban anybody who posts innaprorpiate pics. Banning? Log 'em out, and when they try to log back in, say "Error. You've banned, so yea can't log in nau :stuck_out_tongue:
Does that fix it? :hushed:

H4x0r did it again!


@H4x0r@ColeDj @teddyweddy23 @Liza @TopplingCobra @Yummy_Muffin_ at's not fair maybe there sibling got onto their account mine always does so it would be their siblings fault not theirs i think maybe a lot more characters and objects sounds awesome


I think I'd prefer many more characters


@Liza, I like the caractor idea:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Inappropriate content would only be part of the problem,what about copyright?


But hopscotch is for PROGRAMMING if it was mine craft then sure. But this is different. Sorry if I'm being a little mean.


@Liza I don't know! Do you think you can do all of them? Oh and can we get the logins back? I'm stuck on my new account.


There should be project collaborators and private messages.


I'd much rather prefer making our own characters.


I agree with @SQUISHY.


in the next update logins are back


I think I'd like the Hopscotch characters by you at the Hopscotch Team :smiley: I love all of the Hopscotch characters and the way they all are, and their art style.

On this topic though, I think we have such a huge range of characters already, more than plenty for me!


Really? YAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!