Add a guest account!


Since accounts cannot be deleted, and some people may never heard of hopscotch, but just wanna try it. But what if they don't like it? They can't get rid of the account. So, on the login screen, there should be a Guest button. This signs them in as an account with the name Guest. They will not be able to publish, but they can play community and try out the editor.

Guest Account For Hopscotch

Great idea!!
That feature would be great.


Although I have a free account called extra account for people who want to test hopscotch out
The username is: extra account
The password is: 1234


PS: Oh, I forgot. The 'Like' button should be hidden. I mean, why should a guest account like stuff? Thanks!


Well so that new person gets to see every feature of the hopscotch app


Wait... Don't actually hide the buttons. If they tap like or publish, they will get a message saying "Please make a free account to like/publish projects."


Or if they publish then it goes to a special section for demo accounts
AND just like club penguin if they don't get activated after 1 week then they can't play


And follow! Or follow could be local.