Add a "Forum Tutorials" category

Hey people it’s me let’s get to the topic

In the past, the forum had only 2 categories as I remember. Now that it does (which I’m pretty late on sorry) new users can find what they want easier. However most tutorial pages on the forum are dead topics. Tutorials are meant to last a lot of time, and most are still relevant. This category should have a select few old topics and should have a limited amount of new tutorials added per day. (If possible, if not then it’s fine. I just want it to be easier to find then searching for it)

Hope this topic helped.


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I agree! It sounds interesting.


Awesome category idea!
This would really help recognizing tutorials and make it easier to find them :D


There is a forum category but it includes everything, not just turtorials. It would be handy to have a specific category


There’s the Open Source Code and How-Tos category which could be used, but awesome idea all the same :blush:


Those are mainly about Hopscotch. I would go as far to say that the forums are harder to use when you start both.


This is a great idea! I’ve made a lot of tutorials and I would like them in a specific category and I’ve asked THT about what category to put it in, and I got a response, but unfortunately I can’t find the posts where I talked to THT.

Edit: they never responded, but I think that @t1_hopscotch did.

Forum tutorials go in meta forum for now I think.

Thing is tutorials are meant to be shown and be shown more in their own category so users can directly find all the info they need.

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Bump! That’s a great idea!


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