Add a "Creepy" option?



There should be a option to report creepy stuff. I saw this one Hopscotcher who was saying really creepy things. I just reported almost all their projects for being inappropriate. They were saying stuff like "I wish to communicate with you" and greeting everyone as "humans." This is an example of something they said:

they said the thing about warlocks getting their soul.


Whose project was that?


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: They're just joking! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:


from what other stuff they were posting, it seemed as though they weren't joking


It depends on the creepiness and like @Rawrbear they were probably joking


They were also saying stuff like "I can't say... the demons will see this." (what they can't say I have no idea) and "my name isn't just a nickname..."


they carried it on far too long to be just joking...


Then yeah.. Is there such thing as too creepy?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just ignore those things @BasketballNerd. They just want attention. Think about it, if they were truly alien, why would they have an iPad?


Aliens can be from earth, like mermaids or witches or wizards.


I call people humans but I'm not trying to be an alien. Would that be ok?


Aliens can't be from earth. If alien generations lived on earth they would be more like humans depending what they looked like.


World ha many mysteries, but don't questions them........ their are some creepy conqences. Ok, WE ARE ALIENS BECAUSE WE ARE LIVING THINGS THAT ARE IN A GLAXY


Mermaids are like aliens, they're just fish. Witches and wizards look like humans most of the time


Well, they were saying they were a vampire... they were saying that water never quenched their thirst... Ugh


Witches and wizards are humans. Mermaids are fish a bit human.


They are probably crazy.. In their world, they can see spirits and demons and stuff, it's just them... But it's true.. REALLY FOR REAL!

I'm not kidding right now, it's real that some people can see spirits. You don't believe me? Go search in the Internet...


I believe you.
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