AcuteAlpaca's General Topik!



Hi guys!
I was really scared to do this, but after a few months I finally faced my fears.
Here you can ask questions, see my drawings, and other stuffs





<3 thanks much
I am out of likes ;-;


Hi! :D

Why were you scared of making a general topic, if I may ask?


Well a few months ago no one knew me, so I thought if I made a general topik ppl wouldn't join my topic. But that was a while ago ^^



Well, how are you? :D


good :blush:It's a three day weekend for me, nothing's better!


Nice :+1:


thanks! How about you?


I'm pretty good, the weather's awesome so I'm enjoying it a lot :D


U DID IT i'm proud of u :00


that's so great! It's been raining so hard these days :disappointed:

@Waffle_Draws thanks thanks! I did it :laughing:


Hello der @AcuteAlpaca!!!!!!!


Heelo der !!
How ya doing?


I'm doing just fine! What about u?


Great, I've just been lounging around my house doing these activities:
- drawing on my iPad
- drawing on paper
- watching YouTube
- eating
- drinking water
Nothing's better than these types of days :heart:


Lol yep! I agree!


Yeah lol! Is that a kpop star in your pfp?


Yep, why?
I keep telling myself to draw myself a new pfp, so I'm still trying to. But I don't know what to draw into it (it being my pfp).


lol, I have been watching Korean variety shows all morning :sweat_smile:
My mom in fact is watching a kdrama rn