AcuteAlpaca (Me!) is doing girl Requests On the Forum


I was thinking..... What if I did requests on the forum, but hand drawn? Btw I know it's been posted before but I wanted to make one for my requests;) So um feel free to request?


Welcome to the forum!
It is totally okay to have your own requests!


Thank you for welcoming me!


Welcome! Of course you can have your own request page, it's great to have people with different art styles!
You can type @AHappyCoder if you need my help, I am best at code though :slight_smile:


You're one of my favorite Hopscotchers! Thank you!


Well, thank you!


Welcome to the forum! If you need help get my attention by doing @SnowGirl_Studios


Thank you! You're one of my favorite Hopscotchers too!


Aww Thanks!!! :blush:


You're welcome!!!!!!


Hi Welcome to the forum :wave:

Could you please draw my doggie :grinning:

Here's the image


That's the thing.... I'm terrible at drawing animals​:sweat_smile:


Attempted to draw on procreate!


This is funny because you already have a forum account XD

Anyways you dwaw moi


lol yes i do..... but i needed another to start freshy