Actual, working FPS meter in Hopscotch!



It really does work!

Test no.1 - Working FPS!

Test no.2 - FPS Meter Test!

Test no.3 - Lag Machine

Code - FTU, but give credit please.



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That should be featured! I'll nominate it!


What does FPS mean?


That is super awesome! :clap::smile:


This is sooo cool!


Wow! Great project! :D


FPS means "Frames Per Second" :)




Can you make them have buttons to increase and decrease the FPS? That would make it better, and if you added that, it could be on both Featured and Trending at the same time!


@thepickle Thats impossible for a project :confused: also buttons to increase or decrease lag? no. suggested use is for testing speeds of projects in an easy manner. Also for making sure your stuff works smoothly across a range of devices. I mean, the buttons could probably be for increasing/decreasing the load.



Sure it's possible. And would make an excellent expansion of your project.

It's not the solely the large number of clones that increase the lag, it's what the code is doing with the clones. So while you can't remove clones to reduce the lag, you could add buttons to demonstrate how different blocks or events affect the lag...


Do you want to put it on this list of mechanics? :slight_smile:


@Rawrbear No one has ever done this before, well, working ones at least, so sure!


Okay, I get it. Might try on Friday.


Doesn't a value set the FPS?


Actually, try multiplying the FPS by 2. When it was 2 fps, I actually counted 4 fps. :slight_smile:


Yes, but counting it is a load, and so it can be slowed by other things going on. The most trouble I have with this is the fact that the actual time to reset that value is sometimes delayed, making it more inaccurate the slower the device gets. @Rawrbear this is the reason why. Not the fact I need to double it.


Can you try testing something where you can set the FPS?