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Hey Everyone,

I've noticed that recently there has been a HUGE number of leaving topics, inactivity topics and topics welcoming new hopscotchers.

A lot of these topics seem necessary, but should they all be in separate topics..

Maybe they could all be in one single topic??

  • Having all of these topics combined into one would reduce the amount of new topics by about 10%!

  • It would also leave much more room on the forum for coding related topics that are helpful to the community.

I checked to see if there was any topics like this, unfortunately there wasn't, so I decided to make one.
Here it is!!

What's helpful to post in this topic :

  • Your thoughts and opinions about having this topic, try to only share nice opinions.

  • When you are going to be inactive, maybe for a holiday or if you have to study a lot for school exams??

  • If you want to welcome someone to the forum and you don't know where to do it you can do so here, I know there is topics specifically for this but this would reduce the amount of "I'm new to the forum" topics.

  • If you are coming back to the forum after a break and want to let people know.

I hope you find this topic useful!!
Credit to @Mandy for bringing up the issue in a previous topic!

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Good idea, but some messages may be covered from a large income of others.


I see your point, that shows how important it would be for hopscotchers to post relavant posts on this topic so posts by hopscotchers wouldn't be lost amidst the topic.




@Mandy I'm really sorry, as I said I checked for any previously created ones but couldn't find any....

I just had a look at your topic and it actually doesn't seem to silmiliar, you're topic is suggesting the idea and the topic I created engages in he problem.


Honestly I wanted my topic to engage the idea, I remember saying that??? I think???


From want I can currently see of the topic you just mentioned the problem but didn't actually say that you want to change your topic to a place for saying when you're inactive.. :slight_smile:


Hmm.. I thought I did, but it doesn't matter, I'm not mad or anything. :)


Thank you, I've been meaning to talk about this
It has been getting a little annoying


Great idea! Not to clog up the forum. :+1:


Great idea and we should only use the OMTL once instead of using it everytime someone leaves or welcomes a Hopscotcher!



I am currently less active as before on Forum and extremely inactive on Hopscotch.


• I have accounts on DeviantArt(LucyOnDevian) and Instagram(lucy_is_salty) where I post my art for more people to see. I share my drawings on more well-known platforms with larger communities, so why do I need Hopscotch to express myself?

• The "community" here is too small. I have a couple of friends, but the rest of the people are just meh. Besides, I feel limited. On the social media with dozens of people, I talk more freely.

• I have friends in real life. Schoolwork to do. And if I want to share something I can share it on the place where the rest of the world sees. So? To be honest, I feel like I am here for the sake of existing.


It seems like a good Idea, but that would be a lot of different things all in one, so why not trying to make 3 seperate topics for the 3 seperate "occasions"


Well two of these "occasions" are very similiar and the other "occasion" is covered in many other topics. :slight_smile: