Activity Tab is BACK




ugh mine still isn't back but its a relief not having the green light go on every minute lol


Lol true dat. It's a little laggy though, it's only showing from one day and before.


Omg it's REALLY glitchy and laggy
So much for the reunion 🙄


lol the dream is crushed why activity whyyyy no mines back and I just crashed =.=


Mine was not working but it's up! I think they were having some lag from hour of code


my oc can make black holes that create anything... so i have the oppisite of AAAAAAAAAA...


OHH!!! Woo! It's back! I never realized how important it was until it was gone. Well, kinda like this saying.

(I saw this saying on a field trip. The artist had an ENTIRE collection about water conservation.)

Wait. Lemme edit.


Yes!!! It's back!!!! :wink:


Hats up with your pusheen gifs? What's a pusheen anyways?


its a fluffycat I think
p.s. @rawrbear im going to like all your post for torture for your next 20 hours
-evil voice- muhahahaha


Just a heads up about the Activity Tab. We're still working on some of our fixes and testing them to make sure we can handle increased traffic. As a result it may be working for some people and not others. Hopefully we should have these issues totally resolved by tomorrow and all Hopscotchers can resume their constant activity checking. Thanks for being patient.


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Discover what???? :neutral_face:


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Uhh... Okay?? :sweat_smile:


Still dosen't work for me :cry:


That doesn't torture me, that makes me happy! That increases my amount of likes received on my profile! :smile:

whispers to self I hope she falls for it... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


hmmm hm ok sure @rawrbear
-whispers- im not falling for it hehe :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: