Activity suggestion


So, Many people have been saying that their activity is down and mine is too. Even though you could still see remixes, you can't see who likes your projects unless you look at what someone liked. So I have an idea. Maybe for every project you make, you could make a project after that project you made that says, "sign your name if you like the project before this!". This is just a suggestion so you don't have to do this.


This is a good concept, but can really flood the newest tab with unnecessary projects saying "I LIKED THIS!!!1!1!1"

The activity will be up again shortly if it isn't already.


But how long was the activity out? Was it a day? I forgot.


This is a good idea!
I'd use it but my activity is working :3
(Also, hi! I know you from hopscotch!)


How? Do you have to email the hopscotch team? (Hi!)


No, it's just working.
I don't know how or why it's working [insert shrug emoji here]


Mine actually started working a few hours ago, I just didn't check it.